The Imp – great tactic S map for Heroes 3 SoD / Complete

The Annoying Imp has somehow un-woven the protective forcefield around Stillwater and has spirited away the Orb of Silt. Bring the Orb and the Imp back to Stillwater to win.

Well, this is certainly a map worth playing, even if it is a small one. You star out with a gremlin, you loose it, and you get an unicorn (and later on an arch magi). Well, with that unicorn you must defeat the hole map, including archers, throngs of imps, and even six manticores and a scorpicore in the same time.

Great tactic map, good for those to like small, tactical battles. There are many hidden shrines and pandorra’s boxes, all providing the player much needed spells and stats. Some are guarded, some are not. I especially enjoyed the one guarded by a Titan and a Dread Knight, that was a nice battle. Right before the end, you get an archmage, witch is quite crucial for solving your quest. The last two battles are nasty, first a hero with resurrection and several dungeon creatures, then a bunch of Inferno troops with a devil among them.

Hypnotise is priceless here. The story is rather funny and the map is enjoyable, so dig in people, it’s short, but complex. Map commentary by: doomnezeu

The Imp scenario


  1. Defeating the manticores: Use your eyes… is there a place on the map where not so many stacks can attack at once? (I’ve a specific place in mind (not a corner). If you go to this place, it will be a ‘two-front’ battle instead of three.) Cure is your best friend in this battle. Hypnotise is good too, if you can find it… isn’t necessary though.
  2. Defeating Velune: No specifics here (not really ;-P). DON’T FORGET TO REMOVE THE ORB OF INHIBITION!!! He gets to perform 1-2 resurrections. Take out the scorpicores and minotaurs first. (don’t worry about the medusae, they’ll run out of shots very fast.) The Archmage serves as a distraction and a spell cost reducing thingie.
  3. Use your eyes and cursor to get at the Pandora’s Boxes. EVERY ONE of them is accessible.
  4. Water Magic is very useful…
  5. If you can’t find the ‘hidden’ spells, looking in the thumbnail map can show you where the paths are.
  6. Last battle: Resurrection is nice here. of course, finding it is a problem though… Hypnotised devils do nice damage.

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