The formula to calculate scores in Heroes 3 scenarios

Base Score = 200 – (days + 10) / (towns + 5) + 25 (if you defeated all enemies) + 25 (if you got the grail)
Final Score = (base score) * (player difficulty level map was played on)

1. Start with a score of 200
2. Add 25 points if you beat all enemies
3. Add another 25 points if you get the grail (does not have to be built in the town)
4. Subtract an inefficiency penalty: The number of days to complete plus 10, divided by the number of towns on the map plus 5 (in other words, the more towns to beat, the more time you can take without being majorly penalized)
This will give you a score up to 250.

Multiply this by the player difficulty rating (easy: 0.8, normal: 1, hard: 1.3, expert: 1.6 or impossible: 2) to get final score. Theoretically (but impossible), the max score would be 500. Map difficulty is irrelevant.

Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)

Source: Maranthea on the 3DO Message Board, posted on 06/06/1999

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