The Devil is In The Detail – challenge accepted?

I’ve heard about the map with the name The Devil is In The Detail several times, especially that it is very difficult. And now its author (koget) has prepared a challenge for you. Original Reddit post:

Hello folks

I am an author of “The Devil Is In The Detail“, which I am very proud to be a part of official HotA release.

As many people still play the map and find great joy and challenge in it, I decided to prepare the final update combined with a little competition for all you hardcore H3 fans. Some of you might have realized that the version on Maps4Heroes kept on getting updates through the years, making it more and more challenging.

So to a point! I challenge YOU to a true Devil Is In The Detail competition with the latest and final map update. This update makes the map more difficult in different aspects of the game.

I offer two prizes:

r/heroes3 - The Devil Is In The Detail - challenge accepted?

75$ for the first one to beat the latest version with no saves and battle repeats. (here you cannot use nwctheone on 1st turn and load that game, you need to start and end the game without too many additional cuts for breaks)

75$ for the one who beats the map fastest (lowest amount of days passed – here you can save/load, but need a full recording of all turns)

Deadline for both above is end of September; Prizes can only be payed via PayPal.


– 200% difficulty, Impossible version

– You need to have an uncut recording of your play through on your stream or uploaded to YouTube, upload date stamp counts.

Map download link: The Devil Is In The Detail

Difficulty level:

“Hard” version is basically old “Impossible” version, and current “Impossible” version is by far the most difficult one. Some highlights for “Impossible” difficulty version below:

– admiral hat quest split into two parts

– reduced diplomacy opportunities

– increased power of some guards

– removed Gelu from the map

– resurrection can only be acquired in central island castles

– slow can only be acquired from Liches quest

– necromancer will now leave the underground even faster

– and some others quality of life improvements…

Please help me advertise if you know any players that would like to try.

Do you dare to play? 🙂



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