“A Strategic Quest” remake for HotA


Na HeroesCommunity fóre sa objavil remake úplne prvej kampane zo série Heroes of Might and Magic, ktorý nesie názov A Strategic Quest. Teraz máte môžnosť si kampaň skúsiť v Heroes II Horn of the Abyss. Archív stačí rozbaliť a súbor A Strategic Quest.h3c skopírovať do zložky Maps. Kampaň nájdete v sekcii Campaign -> Custom.

A Strategic Quest campaign

Few things that you should know:
– Kilburn carries over to the next maps,
– it has selectable difficulty. It is in few moments quite difficult, altough not as hard as last map of my PoL remake (or maybe it was just me?),
– the maps are as close to the original as possible, although I took some liberty in a few places to make the experience more unique,
– I also restricted magic guilds in earlier maps a little bit in order to make them harder, besides Morglin writes in letters that his army wasn’t that proficient in magic from the very start and I wanted to recreate it,
– Fly, Dimension Doors, Town Portal, Water Walking and Boat manipulation spells are banned on all maps, as well as Diplomacy,
– from map 3 on you will be able to read original letters that were inside of HoMM1 manual. They are split over a few days in each scenario just in case they were too boring to read in one go,
– all maps are beatable and should work as intended.
– also to prevent Slayer/Lamanda/Alamar from rushing your starting area I changed their color and gave them patrol, they are now a unique boss encounter.

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