Pricing and Expansions revealed! – HoMM3: The Board Game

If you’re subscribed to HoMM3: The Board Game news, you probably already know these details, but if not, be sure to sign up for the newsletter. The Kickstarter campaign will start in November 2022, and the authors (Archon Studio) have revealed many new details to us.

One of the important factors is the price of the game. The basic version will be sold for will be sold for €75 but this version does not contain creature miniatures, only 6 hero miniatures (~40 mm). Azure version contains miniatures of all units (Castle, Dungeon, Necropolis), and its price is €119.

The Grail version contains everything that the Azure version + Fortress and Rampart expansions AND BATTLEFIELD EXPANSION! I’ve been waiting for this exact board game for years, just Heroes III battles. I will definitely get the Grail version.

There is also the Collector’s edition, which additionally contains limited beautiful artbook and posters which costs €199.

HoMM3: The Board Game pricing:
Basic – €75 (no unit miniatures, only 6 heroes miniatures)
Azure – €119 (+ Castle, Dungeon, Necropolis unit miniatures)
Grail – €169 (+ 3 expansions)
Collector edition – €199 (+ limited beautiful artbook and posters)

All price information comes from HoMM3: The Board Game Kickstarter preview.

Mark your calendars for Tuesday – the day where the world will see what’s inside the box of Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Board Game:

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