Inferno Expansion joins the party!

The community has spoken, and their language is diabolical 😈 Inferno is another faction for Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Board Game 🔥🎉 Available as a 35€ Add-on in the Pledge Manager. Have a look at our short Update to learn more about this expansion 📖

Kickstarter project
HoMM3: The Board Game official

The Devil is in the details.

I’ve come to advise our game masters to confirm the list of components of the Inferno Expansion. Here’s the complete list:

  • 1x Starting Tile
  • 3x Far Tiles
  • 2x Near Tiles
  • 1x Center Tile
  • 1x Town Board
  • 2x Hero Cards (double-sided)
  • 7x Units Cards
  • 4x Artifact Cards
  • 2x Ability Card
  • 2x Spells
  • 1x Secret Deck
  • 7x Neutral Cards
  • 7x Statistic cards
  • 12x Specialty Cards (three for each Hero)
  • 2x Heroes Models
  • 1x Unit model 50mm base
  • 6x Unit model 25mm base
  • 30x acrylic cubes
  • 4x tokens
  • 1x Mission Book
  • 1x Player’s Aid
What about town mini?

Town miniature will be added to Azure Box, just like other towns. So it makes it a Kickstarter & Tradeshow Exclusive mini.

As soon as we can show you more – cover box, cards, tiles, and other components we’ll post an Update and Blog post.

Ready to trade your soul?

Okay, now you know what’s inside the box, but I bet that other questions just popped into your head.

When and where can I buy it?

If you didn’t add funds for ‘Community Expansion’ during the campaign, then no worries, you won’t miss anything. As we mentioned yesterday, we will open Pledge Manager in April 2023. There you can add Inferno Expansion to your pledge and pay an extra 35€ for the box. Also, this add-on is available in the Late Pledge option.

What about retail? Is it Kickstarter & Tradeshow Exclusive like ‘Tower?’

The entire add-on will be created to sell it in retail, just like Rampart and Fortress expansions. For now, it’s hard to estimate the MSRP (Manufacturer’s suggested retail price) – more details in the future.

That’s all we can share with you right now. Once again, congratulations to all of us for a fantastic campaign. See you next time! As always, if you have any questions, then please reach out to us via, write to us in the comments or join our Discord, where we also frequently answer questions!

HoMM III: The Board Game – Super Stretch Goal Unlocked!!!!!

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