How Mighty Gorgons Death stare ability works – calculation

Mighty Gorgons have special ability death stare, which may occur after the stack has attacked, including retaliations.

When the stack attacks, the successful death stare occurs before the enemy has a chance to retaliate. Every gorgon in the stack has 10% chance to cause death stare. It does not mean that 10 Mighty Gorgons have 100% chance to kill a single unit. The model looks like this: 1-0,9^x, where X is the number of Mighty Gorgons. While using 5 of them, there’s 41% chance to kill 1 additional enemy, 10 of them gives 65% and so on. Additionally, 11-20 Gorgons have a chance to kill two units, 21-30 to kill three units and so on. It makes them extremely lethal when fighting with 7th level creatures, even despite their relatively low damage.

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