Heroes of Might and Magic II (Game Boy Color)

The second Heroes game for GBC is a mix of the first three Heroes with many graphics converted from Heroes of Might and Magic III, while gameplay functionality resembles a mix of Heroes I, II and III. The campaign centers around a dragon slayer quest.

There are four towns available to play: Knight, Barbarian, Sorceress and Warlock town. Each town has seven different troops available, most of them being directly copied from Heroes of Might and Magic III, having the same stats, abilities and appearance. The knight town uses troops from the Heroes of Might and Magic III Castle faction, the Barbarian has Stronghold troops, the Sorceress has Rampart troops and the Warlock has Fortress troops (with Black Dragon). There are also a few neutral troops available, not belonging to any town.

How to play? You need an emulator, I used Higan v1.06 and of course you need to have Heroes 2 ROM available.


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  1. Allwynd

    Looks cool, but for me the worst part is the music, it’s just giving me a headache.


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