Heroes III concerts with Paul Anthony Romero 2023

The legendary Paul Anthony Romero is coming to Kyiv where he will play two concerts dedicated to Heroes of Might and Magic 3 together with the LUMOS Orchestra! If you are in Kyiv and want to visit this significant event – here is a link to tickets.

Romero has composed over 70 original soundtrack film and computer game scores, including the orchestral/operatic/choral scores for the New World Computing/  Ubisoft computer game series Heroes of Might and Magic. The scores are so popular that Romero was obliged to compose his first symphony based on the best musical themes from his “Heroes” soundtrack. His Symphony No. 1, entitled “Heroes” was completed in 2008.

heroes 3 concert

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  1. Jānis👼

    one is at 6pm on July‘2., 2023.
    &the other one?


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