Heroes of Azeroth (Heroes 3 Warcraft mod)

Being a fan of the Heroes of Might and Magic games I got inspired to create a map in Reforged by looking at the awesome new models the Blizzard devs have created. I’m a 3D/Technical Artist by profession so I probably geeked out a bit more than I should have over the new models. Nonetheless, I noticed almost every regular unit has an “upgraded” version and that got me thinking how perfect that is for a HOMM type map. So I started working on this a few of months ago (as soon as the World Editor for Reforged was available), and this will be my little tribute to the Warcraft universe. – Ghullie (mod author)

General Info

The map is heavily inspired by Heroes 3 and 5. Most of the game mechanics will be taken from there.

  • Turn based gameplay
  • Up to 4 players
  • Dynamic map design, with Small, Medium and Large playable areas
  • Solo Mode
  • AI specifically developed for the turn based gameplay
  • 7 Factions to choose from:
    • Humans (Castle)
    • Orcs (Stronghold)
    • Night Elves (Rampart)
    • Undead (Necropolis)
    • Naga (Fortress)
    • Burning Legion (Inferno)
    • Twilight’s Hammer (Dungeon)
  • 6 Tiers of Units per faction each with an upgrade
  • Interactive Town Screens for each faction
  • Multiple Heroes per faction (known characters from the Warcraft Universe)
  • Hero Skill Trees
  • Combat Mode Including:
    • Turn based combat
    • Unique battlegrounds for each type of terrain
    • Siege Mode
    • Unit Skills
    • Hero Spellbook
  • 7 types of resources: Gold, Lumber, Stone, Food, Crystals, Gems and Mojo

Feedback is appreciated!

I’ll release test versions as soon as I can, but there’s still much to do! Meanwhile I’m open towards suggestion on what people would like to see in such a map. That’s it for now & thanks for showing interest. – author

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