Heroes III: Re-make of original Dragon Slayer campaign


After many years of playing this wonderful game i decided to create the remake of original Campaigns of Heroes of Might and Magic III. I started from Armageddon’s Blade expansion. Yesterday i finished remaking “Dragon Slayer” campaign and i want to introduce it to you:

The conception of the idea is saved and significantly scaled in difficulty, size and gameplay. And as original one this campaign consists of 4 scenarios with following difference:

1) Crystal Dragons: Size 108 x 108 [L]
2) Rust Dragons: Size 144 x 144 [XL]
3) Faerie Dragons: Size 144 x 144 [XL]
4) Azure Dragons: Size 180 x 180 [XXL]

Each one is set to 200% of difficulty. Same quests plus additional, same victory/loss conditions with different time limit for each scenario.

Author: Louis_Cyphre
HC Thread: Heroes of Might and Magic III Re-make of original Campaigns

Dragon’s Slayer campaign

Insatallation Guide:
Download the file and put it in Maps folder. Start the game, select “New Game” -> “New Campaign” -> “Armageddon’s Blade” and choose Dragon’s Slayer campaign.
Do not run the map from “Custom” option as it will break some rules of the game.


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