Heroes 5.5: RC14 Beta 3 important hotfix

Important Patch for Heroes 5.5 RC14 Beta, fixes many serious issues! To install unzip and overwrite the 4 files with same name in your ‘TOE’\data folder. This includes previously released Hotfix (RC14 Beta 2), skip downloading that one.

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Heroes 5.5 RC14 Beta 3 Changelog:

  • Fixed Runemages and Flamekeepers using wrong skillwheels and witch hut tables
  • Fixed glitching LAN menu
  • Fixed Thralsai attack animation and missing fx
  • Fixed Faiz having no start skill
  • Fixed skull of netherworld not being a pocket artifact
  • Fixed all reported txt issues with heroes
  • Fixed destructive perks floating the wrong text
  • new attempt to balance Conjure Phoenix, now it has Magical Immunity, nerfed initiative to lower creeping potential, nerfed A+D to make it more vulnerable to normal creature attacks, buffed DMG to compensate for attack and ini loss. Lowered mana cost to 44.
  • balanced Resurrection and Raise dead (slightly higher cost and slightly lower gain)
  • celestial shield costs more mana
  • buffed edge of balance +4 -1
  • nerfed occultism mastery levels, no longer gives SP to destructive casters and less to others, the perks are good enough.
  • Gem stars with adv enlightenment
  • Giovanni starts with adv dark
  • Sandro starts with necromancy
  • Deirdre starts with occultism

Included fixes from beta 2:

  • Fixes game defaulting to Town Conversion and Governance disabled.
  • Fixes around 30 heroes starting with wrong starting skills OR wrong class OR wrong class name OR wrong start army
  • Fixes master of wrath giving wrong spell
  • Reverts Conjure Phoenix back to full HP without rebirth (didn’t work)
  • Fixes Singleplayer Scenario ‘In Search for Power’ impossible to satisfy objective
  • Buff windspeaker specialization to have higher base bonus.

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