Heroes 4 Enhancement Mod update v1.0 with installation guide

The idea of Enhancement Mod is to give players new choices, while saving ideas and vibe of the vanilla game. All factions get instruments to build new strategies, but you can still use your favorite from the original game, because this mode ENHANCES the game, not turns it into something completely new.

Heroes 4 Enhancement Mod
Heroes 4 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)

First full release of Heroes 4 Enhancement Mod (H4EM) introducing new buildings, abilities, town conversion and more!

Heroes 4 Enhancement Mod Installation guide:

  1. Prepare a folder with GOG version of Heroes 4, for the first installation it’s better if there are no mods installed (even Alpha version of H4EM).
  2. Run installer.
  3. Choose components you want to install. If it’s your first installation of H4EM, check “H4 Modding System“. If you are updating to the latest version of H4EM, you can leave “H4 Modding System” unchecked.
  4. Enter the path to Heroes 4 folder you prepared in step 1.
  5. To play modded version of Heroes 4 use “heroes4_em.exe“. To run modded editor use “campaign_editor_h4em.exe”.

Heroes 4 Enhancement Mod (H4EM) can be installed in the same folder with the base game or with other H4MS-based mods thanks to RoseKavaliers’ H4 Modding System. It is still recommended to store saves made in H4EM separately from other saves, or at least to mark in their title that they are from this mod.Loading H4EM saves in original game may cause crashes or different bugs.

Original saves loaded in H4EM don’t crash and are generally playable, but some mod-exclusive mechanics may work incorrectly.

To ensure mod won’t break, you need to start a new game and make saves/loads only on modded version!

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