First 10 user-made maps for The Succession Wars mod

Those who visit official forum on Forums of Enroth have probably seen the newly opened section for The Succession Wars mod user-created maps. The forum staff is busy developing an Internet resource for storing and rating the maps, which is intended to keep the fan-made H3SW maps as well. For those who are fed up with native v0.8.1 maps can enjoy first user-made maps created to be played with the actual H3SW version.

10 User made maps
The Succession Wars mod

Map list:

S – The Ultimate Mug of Ale by Ctesiphon
M – Migration by Ctesiphon
M – Parental Guidance by Ctesiphon
M – Stench from Below by Ctesiphon
M – Oriole Island by Ctesiphon
L – The Chain by Ctesiphon
XL – Arna Road by number128
XL – Fated Circle by number128
XL – Sisters to the Slaughter by number128
XL – The Last But Not Least by number128

To play, it is enough to copy the contents of the zip archive to the folder: <your Heroes 3 directory>/Mods/The Succession Wars 0.8.1/H2MP/

To leave a review or make your own thread dedicated to a map, feel free to visit the respective subforum.

P.S. Warning for mapmakers: the state of graphical files of the mod, gaming mechanics and balance might and will be changed in every update of the mod, so maps can lose relevance and will require some mending even after the release of the next v0.8.2 update.


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