fheroes2 v0.9.8 update – Spell description window in monster info dialog

Free Heroes of Might and Magic II Resurrection is not only a remake of the original Heroes 2 game for current platforms but it also includes modifications of the game interface so that players can use certain mechanics in the most comfortable and intuitive way.

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2-hex attack of Phoenixes highlights both creatures on its line.

2-hex attack of Phoenixes highlights both creatures on its line.

fheroes2 v0.9.8 changelog:

  • Fix many corner cases with object passabilities on World Map
  • Fix Interface border rendering and World Map rendering for non-default resolutions
  • Add The Succession Wars and The Price of Loyalty icons in the list of available maps
  • Add cell highlighting for monsters with double-cell melee attack
  • Improve AI interaction with Stone Liths, Pyramids and other heroes and castles
  • Add a script to extract original game resources on Windows
  • fix a case when a hero loses his artifacts after retreat in multiplayer mode
  • fix monster position on World Map
  • correct resource position in castle window
  • new week status is not changed while reloading the same save file
  • add headers for all Daemon Cave dialogs
  • fix rewards in the Daemon Cave
  • fix Waterwheel incorrect visited status
  • fix spell points reduction while visiting a well with more than maximum spell points
  • add confirmation message in Alchemist Tower
  • add cell highlighting for monsters with double cell attack ability
  • add correct evaluation of an AI hero recruitment and meeting
  • fix artifact selection area
  • add a title to all artifact related windows
  • grey out experimental disabled option
  • show map type icons in New Map lists
  • do not place wandering troops on coast tile if there are no other coast tiles nearby
  • develop a castle during AI hero purchase
  • fix Altars’ passabilities
  • fix AI hero being stuck on Stoneliths
  • fix passabilities of action objects
  • add Windows scripts to automatically copy & extract all necessary assets from original HoMM2 distributions
  • fix unresponsive application during AI turn while attacking an object with guards
  • fix active building area in castle construction window
  • AI can now visit Pyramids
  • fix scrollbar rendering in select lists
  • replace scrollbar in Experimental Settings dialog
  • unselect initial town in the Town Portal spell list
  • fix troop position in the Pyramid
  • fix bridge animation during battle
  • fix deterministic battle outcome
  • fix an empty list of heroes in the Kingdom Overview after the dismissal or loss of a hero
  • fix passability for tall objects
  • fix Roland campaign awards after ending scenarios 7 and 8
  • set 15 character limit when inputting player name in High Scores
  • correct battle speed change for monsters
  • fix incorrect level of Lightning Rod artifact
  • correct castle building’ active area
  • fix passabilities related to cracks
  • align UI elements on artifact combat outcome dialog
  • add Spell description window in monster info dialog
  • fix scrollbar position after dismissing a hero
  • add logic for ENTER and SPACE keys for a hero on World Map
  • add hotkey for View World dialog
  • fix some cases with Tree passabilities
  • update Polish translation
  • fix post battle crash
  • fix incorrect rendering for game settings window with evil interface
  • fix appearance of sounds of the sea when a hero stands close to map’s edge
  • display a message about Ultimate Artifact after the battle
  • fix adventure border rendering on higher resolutions
  • fix incrementing days spent value after reloading a campaign save
  • lock mouse within the window in multi-monitor setup
  • fix passability of mines
  • fix an ability to attack a monster through a barrier
  • allow hero to traverse Stone Liths and Whirlpools even if he has no movement points left
  • fix black edges in View World
  • fix passability for tiles with shadows only
There're two different icons for PoL and SW maps now.

There’re two different icons for PoL and SW maps now.

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