Faerie Dragons infinite strength and enhanced spells – Did you know nr. 71 and 72 – Heroes 3 Complete

Faerie Dragons are deceptively cute, but in truth, are mischievous tricksters. Little is known about these notorious troublemakers. What is known is found more in storybooks than magical tomes. Some say they are invisible. Some say they can cast spells. Some say Magic Mirror is one of their natural defensive traits.

Did you know nr. 71 – Faerie Dragons spells are cast with advanced level and with spell power equal to 5 times the number of Faerie Dragons in the stack. Faerie Dragons can cast spells of theoretically infinite strength.

Did you know nr. 72 – Magic Arrow, Ice Bolt and Lightning Bolt are not affected by damage bonuses from the hero Sorcery secondary skill or elemental orbs equipped.

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