Enemy towns FLY block – Did you know nr. 109 – Heroes 3 Complete

If you use the Fly spell or the Angel Wings artifact, you can fly over the town and block it pressing the space bar. No one can get to the town in or out and enemy hero cannot attack you.

This way you can troll your opponent in multiplayer game. 😀 Pssssst.

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  1. RoCwoo*=D

    Hey there, Love <3 the tip on Flying over heroes castles!

    Can u tell me "How to create multiplayer campaigns???"

    ive tried so many times and after hours pf creating maps, thinking its done… Finally playing and finishing the first map the game ends and the second or third map wont load *:'(

    would really like to be able to carry over everything from first map to second and third etc

    do u know how to do this??

    Thanks in advance, when u can help me with this i will donate to ur cause!

    im not ouber wealthy but really appreciate the love an time u have clearly put in here… So will make sure u can buy at least 4designer coffees/Beers hahaha *;)

    p.s. Baldurs Gate?

    NB Email is not~gmail!


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