Duel map template – designed for 1 Hero gameplay (Horn of the Abyss)

Duel map template combines the competitive theme of Jebus King with some of the most fun elements of Jebus Outcast. Designed for 1 Hero gameplay, Duel is a non-stop turbo action thanks to the free map control that can be found in the starting zone. Template author: MKC.

latest version is available in the game via HD mod

Duel map template main features:

❖ The Bunker is an underground zone where players start, it contains: 3 control scrolls (Fly, DD and TP), Wood, Ore and Gold mines, several Knowledge boosters and Pandora’s Box with all LVL 3 spells (requires Basic Wisdom).

❖ Gold Mine guards in the Bunker always join (without Diplomacy), price range is from 2000 to 7600 gold – max roll of Walking Dead (Skeletons, Familiars, Fire Elementals).

❖ On the ground level there’s 4 towns: central town which mirrors your starting town, one town that mirrors central desert town, another one that mirrors opponent’s faction and a Conflux town (used for learning magic skills and selling artifacts).

❖ There’s always at least one town of each faction on the map.

❖ Pandora with all spells (which requires Expert Wisdom) can be found in the “Side Bunker” that can be located in the corner of a Side Treasury. 60k value entrance guard.

❖ Diplomacy effectiveness is reduced to 25% joining in the desert. Zone guards between desert and biomes can randomly spawn as 25% or 50% joining, depending on a tile they stand on.

❖ All Pandoras on the surface always give units.

❖ L size version doesn’t have Relics, T5 boxes and Dragon Utopias in the biome. Each faction has 4 guaranteed Pandoras.

Source: https://www.h3templates.com/templates/duel

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