Courtyard Town v1.0 – new spells, units, potion using and many more…

Trith, one of MDT Team head graphic designer, silently for years, was making a new faction (forget about old demo version). I’m going to update topic with new pictures showing some of Courtyard stuff. Because new faction is not only new units and heroes – mod contains some fresh and cool small features than should lighten up traditional gameplay. Mod works only with VCMI daily builds.

Courtyard Town mod

  • new heroes and special abilities
  • new units and special abilities
  • new battle machines
  • new spells
  • potions!
Courtyard v1.0


  1. Samy

    VCMI has still no AI?

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Unfortunately not, AI is the hardest part to create.


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