Beautiful snowy Tower faction – Heroes 7.5 Ultimate edition v2.16

Winter is coming! Frost and death approach Thallan. Hidden and Forgotten Peoples from The Dragon’s Causeway will reveal themselves to fight for the fate of the world.

Modeled on the Tower from Heroes III, the new town is a return to the past in a new version. This is not a Tower from Heroes III, but a brand new faction. However, it was made so that the fans of that city would feel nostalgic.

Download and installing instructions:
Heroes 7.5 Ultimate Edition

New Units and Heroes of Tower

16 new units created from scratch. New models, art abilities. Also brand new heroes for the new faction. Some of these characters (units or heroes) may seem familiar to you.

New Faction Ability: Cold Blood

New special faction abilities for Tower. Each level of Cold Blood gives 5% resistance to all damage. Maximum level 3 gives 15% damage reduction.

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