Another Heroes 3 Mod update v1.2 (AH3M)

Another Heroes 3 Mod, named in loving tribute to AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake), is my personal take on one of the greatest strategy games of all time. When I first started working on this little project several years ago, I couldn’t have possibly dreamed how far it would eventually come. Released as version 0.1 at the beginning of this year simply to get what I had out there, I’ve since managed to accomplish every goal that I set forth on a core design level. Future development will focus exclusively on the addition of more content (i.e. maps)… or at least that’s the plan. We’ve all seen how well that assumption ends up in practice, so please feel free to let me know how it can be improved!

Another Heroes 3 Mod features…

  • Completely re-balanced heroes, skills, units, spells, artifacts, buildings, and map locations
  • New mechanics and abilities which expand directly on existing ones
  • Custom-built maps made with these new design concepts in mind
  • Improved user interface and several quality of life features
  • …much more!

Many of you have never heard of or played Heroes of Might & Magic 3, but have played Brave New World and are taking me at my word that it’s a game worth playing. Others are familiar with H3’s pedigree and are interested in seeing what I have done to improve it. The very short answer for anyone familiar with my previous work is that I gave it the “Brave New World” treatment in that I aimed simply to make the game a better version of what it already was by accentuating what worked best and tweaking what didn’t. If you want to know more, consult the documentation included with the download or just dive right in. – by BTB (mod author)

Another Heroes 3 Mod
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works with this version)

Another Heroes 3 mod v1.2 changelog:

• Added a new map (Zerg Rush: medium, 8 players, themed around first-level units)

• Locked AH3M to version 5.3_R5 of HD mod to ensure ongoing compatibility

• Fixed occasional crashes when removing negative statuses

• Fixed occasional crashes when using whirlpools

• Warlocks now have Earth Magic as a common skill and Archery as a rare skill

• Offensive Earth spells and Resurrection are now more common in Dungeon’s mage guild

• Minor adjustments to fifth-level odds for Rampart’s and Inferno’s mage guilds

• Raven now starts with Pathfinding instead of Diplomacy

• Gem and Melodia now start with Luck instead of Earth Magic

• Dace now correctly starts with Leadership instead of Wisdom

• Removed the morale/luck effects from Angels, Devils, and Bone Dragons

• Paladins and Archdemons now correctly display their luck/morale bonuses on right-click

• Unicorns now have a 1-hex “aura” of spell resistance (as in the original game)

• Non-upgraded Griffins can now retaliate twice per round (as in the original game)

• Naga Queens can now retaliate twice per round instead of no enemy retaliation

• Master Genies can now cast a spell to boost ATK/DEF (+3) instead of lowering hero SP costs

• Familiars now lower hero SP costs during their turn instead of absorbing enemy hero SP costs

• Archdevils now have inherent Pain Reflection (33%) instead of raising enemy hero SP costs

• Djinni now correctly lower target unit’s defense by 3 instead of 5

• Minotaur Kings no longer incorrectly lose defense from their “Enrage” ability

• Non-upgraded Cyclopses now correctly have no melee penalty instead of Ballistics

• Ogre Magi can now cast Frenzy twice per battle instead of only once

• Disease now lowers speed by 3 instead of 1

• Undead units now get +2 ATK/DEF/SPD on Cursed Ground instead of +1

• The Ballista now correctly always deals double damage with expert Ballistics (instead of 50% odds)

• The “artifact” starting bonus no can longer incorrectly give a Vampire Cowl to non-Necropolis heroes

• The “artifact” starting bonus can no longer incorrectly give Dead Man’s Boots to Necropolis heroes

• The Learning combo artifact now absorbs enemy spell costs instead of further boosting Learning/mana

• The Resistance-boosting artifacts now combine to increase the cost of enemy spells

• The Elixir of Life now uses the old Wizard’s Well GFX (the above artifact uses the Elixir GFX)

• Renamed several artifacts, particularly combos to avoid referencing their individual components

• Dragon Hordes now give more money, but one fewer relic-level artifact

• Every map except for small ones now contains at least one Town Portal scroll

• Divided Lands – removed a map obstacle that was blocking the flag for red player’s Crystal Mine

• Shadow Monopoly – moved a map obstacle that was blocking a path in purple player’s starting zone

• Three Kingdoms – added more treasure chests and removed the snow area from player 1’s starting zone

• Old World – significantly reworked several areas and reduced the number of random artifacts

• Monster Hunters – added two sets of two-way teleporters to the underground waterways

• Ocean Saga – increased the reward for the four “defeat hero” quests from 25,000 gold to 30,000

• Ocean Saga – removed the quest-giver that traded the Elixir of Life for the resistance artifacts

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