The Rat Mod – Oozing Update (VCMI)

The Rat Mod adds new neutral units, their upgraded versions, dwellings and new neutral heroes to the game.

  • True face of upgraded Rogues – Cutthroats.
  • New neutral unit and its upgrade – Ooze and Gel Ooze.
  • A place to recruit Oozes – Alchemic Plant.
  • And a new neutral hero with Oozes specialty.
The Rat mod
Andruids Expansion Mods

Cutthroats have already been introduced (albeit in a tad different, whiter guise). Their dashing hats and masks are strangely familiar!

Oozes and Gel Oozes are solid 5th level units. While the basic creature is still slightly “unstable”, the upgrade patches things up – boosting its defense, health and minimum damage. Oozes’ attacks cover their opponents in “Flammable Coating”, which increases the damage of fire spells by 50% and has corrosive properties. For the next 2 turns, affected unit will take damage based on its level (level x 5). Oozes themselves aren’t affected by this ability. Additionally, Gel Oozes shed any negative effects at the beginning of each turn.

Anirban Anirban was an avid researcher of the Oozemorphosis syndrome, which afflicted some miners in Bracada. The phenomenon of turning living creatures into primordial slime became his obsession. When one of his experiments had gone awry, becoming a wererat was the only solution to salvage his mind, but he was never the same again.

In addition to attack and defense bonus, Anirban’s Oozes gain full regeneration ability at the start of each turn, and all units in his army become immune to being transformed into other creatures (WoG Werewolf’s ability).

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