The map-making contest results – Songs of Conquest

The map-making contest together with is complete! We are blown away by the contributions from our community! Over 30 splendid maps delivered!
It has been more than difficult to find a victor among so many great contributions but in the end we had to find a single winner. The real winner is of course the whole community (and the friends we made along the way), because we gained a whole bundle of cool maps for everyone to enjoy.

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We’ve looked through them all many many times and we saw so many maps that we would want to have in our rosters. Finally we settled for one winner. The map seems like a work of love and inspiration and we are more than willing to have conversation with it’s creator on how we will move forward. We are sure that it will be a loved addition to everyone’s game!

We also managed to find a second place! A worthy runner up with a awesome map, filled with great ideas!

Discussions will be had with both creators, it will be cool, we promise! – Lavapotion Team


1st place: Ancient Valley by SirGregory1
2nd place: Four frontiers by -Doomich-
all contest maps

The Ancient Valley

Four Frontiers map

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