Songs of Conquest will launch into Early Access in early Q2 2022

Hi everyone – this is not a regular devblog, but rather an update on our release schedule. I want to give you a thorough status update along with a deeper explanation of what’s to come. But if you just want the TL/DR-version, just scroll down to the bottom I guess 😉

It’s been a privilege working on Songs of Conquest for the last few years. The development started way back in early 2017 and our team has grown from 4 employees to 9. We also regularly work with a handful of freelancers on various parts of the game on any given day. In total, there have been around 30 people from all over the world so far who have helped make Songs of Conquest a reality!

An update without pictures is like dessert without chocolate, so here is the full lineup of Barya Wielders!

An update without pictures is like dessert without chocolate, so here is the full lineup of Barya Wielders!

As the studio grew, so did the interest in the game, and we cannot thank you enough. Our social media channels and Discord servers are chock full of positive ideas and encouragement from our community. We’ve been getting constructive and helpful feedback throughout the development and we currently have a group of around 250 alpha testers playing Songs of Conquest. Their feedback already helped shape a lot of the stuff in-game. We couldn’t be happier with the community that has formed around our game, and we haven’t even released yet!!

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Speaking of which: we really want to get this right and make sure that Songs of Conquest becomes a spiritual successor to other turn-based strategy games we love and grew up with (Heroes III). We now know that it would be hard for us to get all the pieces of the puzzle together before Q2 2022. We also want to make sure we create a game that the players want, not that the game we think the players want. With that being said, we’ve made the decision to launch Songs of Conquest into a period Early Access in early Q2 2022 . With such a vibrant and active community, we feel it would be a lost opportunity to aim for a 1.0 release from day one. We want to create the game with you.


We are fortunate to be backed by one of the best indie publishers in the games industry. Coffee Stain has a great track record of supporting and creating successful games and making them grow through Early Access with the help of amazing communities. Games like Deep Rock Galactic, Satisfactory and Valheim wouldn’t be what they are today without solid interaction between the community and the development teams.

We want to take the same journey, together with you! That is why Songs of Conquest will go into Early Access in early Q2 2022. We hope you’ll want to join us for the ride and we can’t wait to see the levels and adventures you’ll create and experience within the game.

This song is best sung together!

/Magnus & Team Lavapotion


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