Silence of the Siren ALPHA test – first impressions

Silence of the Siren is a turn-based strategy game where several different space-faring civilizations are fighting over control of a distant star system. Explore what’s left on the planets and secure resources to build mighty cities. Raise powerful armies and defeat your opponents on the battlefield!

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Silence of the Siren (Steam)

Thanks to OXYMORON GAMES, I had the opportunity to try their upcoming game – Silence of the Siren. Fans of the Heroes series will know what to do immediately after the first map is launched.Silence of te Siren UI is very intuitive and familiar.

So right from the start you know what you have to do and where to go, you collect the first resources, raise the hero to a new level and choose new skills and visit the first (mole) town. The town screen will also be familiar to you, you will build the first buildings and recruit new original units.

You can start the first fight. The adventure map has a wonderful fantasy / sci-fi feel and it is very easy to navigate in it, if you don’t know what can be collected or visited, just press the ALT key. You have an excellent overview on the battle screen, which I really, really appreciate. Good games don’t have to be 3D.

There is also “magic”, but in a slightly different sense, and you will fall in love with Artilelry strike. If you like sci-fi and Heroes 3, Silence of the Siren (SotS) will definitely not disappoint you, the BETA version plays excellently and I am very curious about the other factions and the story of the game.

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