Phoenix Mod download

Platform ERA II
File Size 26 MB
Version 3.61
Author Bersy
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Download (english menu skin)
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Can the old game be revived? The Phoenix developers think that it’s possible. For that we need strong AI opponents, new creatures abilities, new artifacts, free skills upgrading, specialties selection, adventures with luck, mixed neutrals to replace boring ones, skills balance and differentiating without quantity limit, ehh. What else to suggest? Chaos Towns with mixed stacks, AI capitals with Defenders, heroes classes, interface features, colorful texts, hot keys, artifacts from battles, treasurers at city halls, dark magic, stable necromancy, reserve stacks, useful war machines, towns balance and many other things…

Installation: Select game folder and wait until installation ends. Use install_hirez.bat / deinstall_hirez.bat to turn on/off hd compatibility mode.