New CD: 20th Anniversary of Heroes

The CD contains of recordings from the 20th Anniversary of Heroes concert which took place on February 27th, 2019 at The Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio in Warsaw. The repertoire includes: Main Theme, Conflux, Grass, Tower, Into the deep, Dungeon, Inferno, Fortress, Battle music.

Order here:
or @heroesorchestra

The CD costs 50 pln (12 euro) + shipping costs. The CD will be shipped when the money appears on foundation’s account. You don’t want to buy a CD? It is also possible to buy only the files of the songs, which are available as a package of files in following formats:

  • MP3_256 / 320 _44100 – 40 pln (9 euro)
  • CD Audio – 50 pln (12 euro)
  • FLAC_24_96000 – 62 pln (14 euro)

You can also order our previous CD which contains of recordings from the #HeroesOrchestraWeek, the best recordings from the 14.09.2018 concert at Studio Koncertowe Polskiego Radia im. W.Lutosławskiego in Warsaw.

The repertoire includes: Academy, Chaos, Cove, Nature, Stronghold, Stronghold (Heroes IV), End Turn, Battle Music.

The costs are the same as for the #20Th_Anniversary_Of_Heroes CD.

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