Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 beta 5 will bring many fixes and innovative features

A new release Heroes 5.5 RC15 Beta 5 is now available for download, this version implements a lot of new ‘tech’, making it necessary to do another beta before the campaign integration. Combat Scripts now work in multiplayer and H55 now includes almost the complete LUA 4.0 Library and all those functions work on the adventure map and the combat map. These technical enhancements allow a lot of new features and creativity for mapmakers.

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5
Heroes 5 Bundle GOG (works only with this version)

New Feature: Mine Control (Optional, currently active by default)

This feature is currently enabled by default, you can now revisit every mine you own and a question box will appear asking you if you want to guard it for a small sum of money (which is only paid once, not weekly), if you click OK, the game will automatically grow a powerful army in the garrison of the mine. New troops will arrive at the mine at the start of every week. The troops are not substracted from your towns. If the mine is attacked the player will control these troops on the battlefield. Guarding mines will cost 750, 1250 or 2500 (gold mines) depending on the type of mine.

New Start Army System

A new system for start armies has been implemented where the power rating of start armies will be balanced very precisely and all heroes will get their own personal start army based on specialization and what they need. The creature start bonus will disappear as it is too random and unfair, instead everybody gets a personal creature bonus, but the 0-3 tier3 stack will disappear and tavern heroes will have weaker armies. Heroes with creature specializations will generally get the best start armies: for example malustar will actually start with a pit fiend and godric with 2 priests. Also all inferno heroes will get 4 succubi guaranteed and no longer random. this screenshot shows elitist start army compared to tavern army.

War Machines

The ballista now does around 40% more dmg when the hero doesn’t have the war machines skill (it is effectively as good as basic war machines without ballista perk), this is to make the 3000 gold more worth it for magic heroes and make the early game boost for war machine heroes less severe. Damage at expert war machine is around 7.5% higher but flaming arrows will be nerfed to only ignore defense, not also fire dmg on top of it. Delebs ballista does -2.33 = level/3 fireball dmg, this makes it similar up to level 20 but stronger afterwards. Also fixed issue AI showing up without war machines.

Check out full changelog (moddb.com).

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