How to fix: String was not found (ERA)

This happens in the latest versions of ERA when you don’t have the “Wog Scripts” mod integrated. “String was not found” means that the .ERT files that would be the texts of the scripts are absent, if you do not have Wog scripts, download it, if you still have problems try to download a previous version of ERA.

ERA 2.9.13
WoG scripts

New versions of ERA since version 2.9.10 no longer contain WoG Scripts such as Map Options and Enhancements, Skills, Monsters and Heroes Enhancements and Balancing, Map Rules… The development has split and Bersy is working on new ERA versions (ERA 3 is coming) and Igrik on WoG scripts.

So in order to have all the options as before, you need to manually install the Wake of Gods scripts. It’s easy, just install ERA as before and then download and install WoG scripts. New versions of ERA are also compatible with HD modification.



  1. Christian

    The link to WoG scripts isn’t showing anything… I keep getting the string was not found on everything in game… Would really appreciate if you could fix it 😉

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Fixed, thanks!


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