Heroes of Might and Magic III Lite BETA 2 update

Version of game used is Heroes of Might and Magic V Tribes of the East 3.1. Mod is incompatible with HoMM5.5! There might be conflicts with other mods too. I recommend to use this mod only, or contact me and I will check if your mod is compatible with this one. Scenarios might be unplayable. Needs further testing.

Heroes of Might and Magic III Lite BETA 2 (modification is unavailable)

Heroes of Might and Magic III Lite (Heroes 5 mod)

BETA 2 Changelog (05.05. 2019):

  • Changed Scorpicore’s texture
  • Scatter Shot was removed from Archer and Marksman
  • Stone Golem’s speed was increased by 1 and initiative was increased by 2.
  • New Demented model
  • Changed Icon of spell “Summon dwarven warrior”
  • Corrected Ice Elemental’s shot
  • Ice Elemental gets No Melee Penalty ability
  • Shantiri Golem’s death animation fixed
  • Fixed Druid’s attack hit delay
  • Basilisk Rider got +4 initiative
  • Fire and Energy Elementals got Elemental ability
  • Flamewave ability was removed from Fire and Energy Elementals
  • Fixed damage of Ogre Leader
  • Fixed Earth and Magma Elementals death animation
  • Abbot’s shot visual changed
  • Fixed square size of Lava Sharpshooter on the battlefield
  • Fixed movement animation of Lava Sharpshooter
  • Increased spell masteries from none to advanced for Arctic and Lava Sharpshooters
  • Death Wail damage decreased to 10, down from 15
  • Diamond Golem’s combat size changed from 4 tiles to 1 tile.
  • Fixed Hell Steed’s Liquid Flame Breath
  • Psychic, Magic and Darkness Elementals now have sounds
  • Fixed Death animation of all 4 Messengers and Diamond Golem
  • Added sound to Light and Darkness Elementals teleportation move
  • Added sound to Pit Overlord’s teleportation move
  • Deadly strike removed from Ghost Dragons, instead they now have Festering Aura
  • Fixed Lava Dragon’s icon
  • Fixed Festering Aura description
  • Deadly Strike removed from Blood Dragon
  • Changed Gargantuan’s ranged attack animation
  • Lord of Thunder gets No Range Penalty instead of Double Attack
  • Added sound to Simurgh’s teleportation move
  • Grim Reaper’s speed reduced to 5 and initiative reduced to 10, but now it has No Enemy Retaliation ability
  • Ghost Behemoth gains Charge Ability
  • Incinerate removed from Darkness Dragon
  • Rust Dragon gets Incinerate ability
  • Enraged Cyclops gets No Melee Penalty ability

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