Heroes 5.5 update RC15 Beta14 + Discord server with large maps database

WARNING: you must use the uninstaller, before installing this patch!, ARMG demo maps are repacked in single .h5u file, to make game syncing easier in future and keep map folder clean. After installation there shouldn’t be any ARMG demo maps in your map folder.

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5
Installation and upgrade guide
Discord server with large compatible maps database and growing online play community

Heroes 5.5 update RC15 Beta13 changelog:


  • odds for perk when leveling up the hero have changed, previously box1 always gave a standard perk, while box2 always gave a special perk, unless not available. now both boxes will give any perk fully random. while this makes it slightly harder to get a desired tier2 perk that directly comes after an already acquired tier1 perk, it makes it easier to get anything else, especially if undesired tier2 perks are ‘up’.
  • retaliation strike now works on ranged attacks
  • TOE perk ‘unstoppable charge’ is added back and gained after retaliation strike,
  • unstoppable charge is nerfed to 1.5x because it stacks with critical strike to 3x Dmg
  • hero dmg vs summon hive, phoenix and ballista (using chain attack) is lowered by 40%
  • some very minor nerfs were done to hero base dmg vs some tiers based on updated avg HP calculations.
  • the avenger skill now gives a 70% chance to inflict +50% dmg, instead of 40% for 100% dmg, applies to both hero and creatures. Anwen’s specialty increases dmg by 0.5% per level.
  • preparation is gained after the rally perk in leadership, where it is useful as the complete opposite of aura of swiftness
  • last stand is renamed ‘righteous fortitude’ and moved to light magic, the perk also gives +2 defense and regeneration spell, but the last stand effect only triggers for stacks with 7 or more creatures.
  • divine guardians perk is removed from game, it was only ever intended as ‘final battle dragging’ ability and that effect is now provided by the nerfed last stand effect.
  • swarming gate is renamed ‘Urgash Call’ and changed icon, the skill now allows gating devils and has a chance for a minor gating bonus. The pendant of mastery no longer gives this effect.
  • the WM perks now multiply their hitpoints by 3 instead of 4.
  • flaming arrows now ignores 50% defense and adds fire damage equal to hero level, so that it can be defended against.
  • remote control is removed from the game and replaced with new perk ‘Silver City Magistrate’: The hero gains +2 Spellpower and at the start of every week additional Djinns, Djinn Sultans or Djinn Viziers will join the hero’s army, the amount is equal to 0.15 * hero level.
  • fiery wrath now also gives +2 attack and is moved to shatter destructive
  • the fire resistance perk in shatter light also gives +2 defense
  • celestial shield at level none now scales back to base value 40%
  • arcane armor perk boosts the spell by +4 SP and moved to destructive magic
  • ignite changed to do 50% dmg for 2 turns and is tier2 perk
  • caster’s luck gives +10SP instead of +12Sp to chieftains
  • chilling bones also gives +2D
  • runic attunement buffed to give +3 morale for one turn
  • fixed ranger skillwheel having 2x war machines
  • fixed desc of agonizing strike
  • fixed desc of spirit link


  • first aid tent now heals 30 base HP instead of 10 and defense secondary skill adds +10,+30,+70
  • the ring of machine affinity boost tent healing by +50% instead of +100%
  • Saint set resurrection artifacts no longer work per stack, but can resurrect a flat amount of HP instead of %, the artifact chooses automatically which option resurrects more creatures.
  • defense scaling resurrection artifacts can only resurrect based on flat HP, not %
    -the apothecary pouch is renamed ‘pathfinder’s aid kit’ and only resurrects tier 2 creatures, but with higher base value, scaling with defense,
    -the pathfinder’s aid kit is given to any hero with the pathfinding perk.
    -the medical supply bag is renamed ‘combat aid kit’ and only resurrects tier 1 creatures, but with higher base value, scaling with defense
    -the combat aid kit is given to any hero with the vitality perk.
    -The Lord of Undead perk is renamed Embalmer, has new icon and gives ability to use rez artis on undead, the skeleton effect moves to unholy crusade perk
    -necropolis heroes don’t get aid kits, unless they have learned embalmer.
    -heroes without any of the 4 ‘medical’ perks can’t use aid kits
    -Kaspars spec is renamed ‘master embalmer’
    -necromancy now has a base amount of 400 instead 300 dark energy, the building gives +100 instead of +200,
    -fixed resurrection artifacts working for free when mana is above max
    -lowered sale cost of griffin egg to 30000
    -the artificer wand is now a separate artifact with 0 value
    -the potion of resurrection is removed from the game
    -fixed minor txt issue in golden goose desc


  • fixed rune of dragonform working on fire dragons
  • lowered cost for RM and suffering to 7, reduced scaling at expert lvl to 0.25*SP (also for endurance)
  • increased cost for regeneration to 15 mana
  • increased cost for sorrow to 14 mana
  • deflect missile -5% base value, increased cost to 8
  • refresh rune resets hero atb to 0.5
  • banish now costs 20 mana but resets hero atb to 0.33
  • summon spectral dragon resets hero atb to 0.33
  • encourage, banshee howl and rally reset hero atb to 0.15
  • power of stone renamed ‘power of deflection’ and has new icon


  • neutrals inside battle sites are now auto-adjusted to the avg strength of neutral stacks on the map (therefore they auto-adapt to ARMG monster strength, on maps with ‘strong’ monsters there isn’t much difference as they served as baseline). On maps like Deadly environement or dream land they will be stronger by default because the mapmakers adjusted the stacks on the map to be stronger. The DE script variable needs adjustment from x2.5 to x1.5 to achieve roughly the same monster strength.
  • modified battle site rewards for spells, now witch temple always gives high lvl spell like mage vault
  • crypt, stonevault and rampart will start giving higher level spells if the hero knows a lot of lower level ones
  • made prisoner rewards more balanced (less excessive bonuses from certain buildings)
  • increased mage guild level on neutral towns on ARMG to 2, neutral stronghold towns have a walkers hut for equal access to creature portal, conversion is also adjusted for that.
  • supply contracts now cost 500 instead of 1000 gold
  • fixed town gate teleporting hero to wrong side of town in underground
  • fixed a script error when visiting a redwood observatory repetitively
  • fixed spelling errors in flotsam and sea chest desc
  • fixed spelling errors in desc of orc tunnel, deserter’s tower, treeant thicket, arcane tower and mage vault


  • default experience gain early game is much stronger to keep up with competitive gameplay and allow easier spymaster spell transport.


  • removed the proc factor system for triggering creature abilities and use simpler system from version 3.0 based on HP:
    Chance = 40% + 5% * (TotalHP / TotalTargetHP) if targetHP is lower
    Chance = 40% – 5% * (TotalTargetHP / TotalHP) if targetHP is equal or higher
  • Soldiers Luck is unchanged and gives 2 chances to trigger above chance
  • paw strike starts with a base chance of /5 lower (will cause it to trigger similar to other abilities)
  • adjusted all descriptions for abilities that had proc factors.


there are a lot of small creature changes in this release mainly to address following issues:
~equalize magic protections between factions, (academy less, some others more).
~equalize ability to deal with damage recovery or prevention from shooters.
~fix a slight generic OPness in necro HP and UPness in sylvan HP.
~fix too big or small differences in strength between upg and unupg.
~add some more tactical variety to unupg units for very fast PvP that includes many unupg cr only
~more carefully thought out what spells the creatures actually need

-squire -1HP, vindicator -2HP
-unupg griffin, removed immunity to blind
-priest added divine strength, endurance and haste, +12 mana
-zealots added mark of fire, moved purge to inquisitor, removed bravery from inquisitor, removed confusion from zealot
-mark of fire adds x1.5 dmg instead of 2x but triggers more easily
-fixed inquisitor cost txt
-angels and archangels, added immunity to air
-seraphs, added 50% fire proof
-weakness and vulnerability spells removed from pit fiends and pit lords
-inferno t6 upg +3 mindmg, +2maxdmg, -2A, unupg +3 mindmg
-pit spawn, removed 50% magic proof, +2D
-archdevils, added 50% fireproof
-archdemons and devils, added immunity to earth
-inferno t5 added 25% magic proof, nightmares 50% fireproof
-added confusion spell to infernal succubus
-added mark of fire to seducer
-succubus unupg hp +4, -1AD, added confusion, +7 mana
-fixed succubus casting animation
-creature ability primordeal now also gives immunity to chain shot
-horned overseer, explosion dmg nerfed to 24*SP
-necromancy amplifier building no longer gives extra skellies to heroes without necromancy, it only gives +2 mana regen, an intentionally weak bonus.
-skeleton unupg, added large shield
-skeleton warriors +1 speed +1 ini, dmg 2-2, -removed shield other
-all skeletons, removed 25% magic proof
-unupg vampires -5HP, +1dmg
-vampire lords -2D
-vampire prince +2mindmg, -1 ini, torpor triggers more easily, but lasts 1 turn
-liches unupg, added suffering and slow, +13 mana
-sylvan tier1 all +1HP
-sylvan tier2 all +2HP, all enraged, unup -1D, dance -1AD, wind -1AD
-hunter unupg +2D
-unupg unicrons +5HP,-2maxdmg
-druids and elder druids +deflect missile -endurance, +2 mana
-green dragons, added immunity to earth
-master gremlins now need a minimum of 20 at the start of combat to be able to repair.
-all gargoyles are now immune to earth but zero resistant to anything else
-unupg mages +4HP, -2AD
-archmage, removed deflect missile, removed RM, added endurance
-combat mage, removed confusion and vulnerability, added RM
-djinns magic proof changed to 50-50-25, instead of 25-75-50, removed air immunity from Vizier, Vizier +3D -1A
-blood maidens +2HP
-minotaur taskmasters +armored
-upg hydras -5HP
-dungeon T6, added confusion to matriarch and unupg, added sorrow to mistress, removed confusion from mistress, adjusted mana and some other spells
-shadow witch, -1 mindmg, add confusion
-shadow matriarch +1 initiative, -2A, add confusion
-shadow mistress renamed blood mistress – add life drain, add sorrow, removed confusion, removed invisibility, -15HP
-unupg defenders +2HP
-crippling wound nerfed to -10% and -30% speed, but it triggers more easily
-harpooner, removed armored, added 25% magic proof
-fortress T3 +1maxdmg, -2D
-blackbear and whitebear swap stats and ability armored (for visual correctness), consequently the more offensive variant now has bear roar, which should be fine
-creature ability giant slayer nerfed to +6A +6D
-fortress all T5, removed 50% fire-proof
-rune priest, +1 dmg,
-rune keeper, fireball buffed to adv level, +RM, -endurance,+1 mana
-chain lightning on sky daughters lowered to advanced lvl
-centaur marauder +25% magic proof
-warlord +1 maxdmg
-fixed sacrifice goblins and mana feed listed as spells in creaturepedia
-shield other and command other renamed to shield allies and command allies
-fixed desc of command allies
-clarified invisibility desc


  • For neutral stacks mana is reduced to zero at start of combat for the following creatures to prevent them from fighting poorly: all haven T5, unupg liches, unupg succubi, succubus mistress, shadow witches, shadow matriarchs, unupg rune priests, sun daughters


  • removed useless town ballista specialization from towns and adjusted desc for war machine town specializations.
  • rangers and druids no longer need to visit the town to get bonuses from fountain and avenger brotherhood, same for overlords and tricksters and altar of elements.
  • demon lords and sorcerers now gain +1 defense and +1 knowledge respectively from the infernal loom instead of hellhounds and the bonus is cumulative and provided without visiting the town.


  • weeks of calm/idleness – 5% lower initiative instead of 20%
  • weeks of feebleness/infirmiry – 10% defense reduction instead of 20%
  • weeks of sorrow/light – morale and luck lowered by 1 instead of 2
  • weeks of fire, water, earth and air – 10% to spell damage instead of 50%, no change to elemental summons
  • week of chaos – 10% spell damage instead of 50%
  • week of might – 10% non magic damage instead of 50%
  • week of mightnmagic – 10% non magic damage instead of 50%
  • removed weeks of ether, plague, disease, fever and conjunction


-buffed atb reset for cyrus, ash and gem specialties
-soulhunter spawn 1*hero level ghosts
-fixed maximus and similar heroes summoning 2 stacks in final battle
-runemages have 8% chance for leadership and no longer learn sorcery.
-morale bonus for runemages from runic chapel is removed
-morale bonus for gatekeepers from hall of horrors is removed
-rangers start with primary skills as 2-1-1-1
-demon lords develop as 45-30-10-15
-grok is now a demonlord and calh a gatekeeper
-grok and calh start with battle frenzy perk
-adjusted grok start army
-nymus and jezebeth start with adv gating
-grawl starts with vitality
-talanar starts with combat and has same spec as crag hack
-karli starts with soldiers luck
-hedwig starts with master of lightning
-uland starts with empowered spells
-erling starts with soldiers luck
-shiva and muhka start with arcane ritual and no wyvern
-fixed naadir spec desc
-fixed nebiros spec desc
-adjusted spec desc for alaron
-adjusted spec desc for malustar
-adjusted spec desc for narxes
-adjusted spec desc for ylaya
-adjusted spec desc for godric

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