Heroes 5.5 RC16b with bugfixes for the full campaign release

Heroes 5.5 RC16b a bugfix update for both multiplayer and the campaigns. Unfortunately RC16 was not bugfree, so Heroes 5.5 team uploaded a complete re-release, apologies for the inconvenience. If you already have RC16 installed you can install RC16b over it, but take very good care to point it to the right folder during installation procedure! If you are updating from an older version then use the mod’s uninstaller first!

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5
Heroes 5 Bundle GOG (works with this version)
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You don’t need to restart a campaign mission after updating (unless you suffer from a specific bug in the list that you feel must be resolved immediately).


-fixed critical issue of crash protection not working
-fixed issue of redwood observatories malfunctioning on ARMG maps
-fixed witch huts not working for death knights
-fixed dragon utopias sometimes not working on any map
-fixed dimension doors considering teammate as ‘enemy nearby’
-fixed H55_ForceMixedStacks setting not working
-fixed runemages having lower chance for WM than indicated
-fixed wardens having higher chance for logistics than indicated
-fixed scroll artifact description
-fixed descriptions for Nightmares and hell stallions


-fixed laszlo followaround script sometimes failing in A1C1M2
-fixed issue of mission C1M5 not spawning nicolai because inferno attackers had wandered off
-fixed quest in C2M4 not progressing when hero is above lvl 34
-made AI heroes more aggressively attack towns in C1M5,C4M3,C5M1,C5M3
-fixed godric and isabel getting too many primary skills in C3M2,C3M3,C3M5
-fixed thralsai attack script in A1C3M4
-fixed veyer appearing as agreal with anim bugs in campaign intro movie
-fixed wrong dialogscene playing at start of C3M1
-fixed inferno hero not moving in C1M3
-fixed Narxes making T-pose in C6M1 intro dialogue
-fixed some hero spawn armies set to ‘normal’ on ‘hard’ difficulty in C1M5
-fixed PvP cheat protection active in C3M5
-made isabel artifacts carryover when she gets out of prison in C1M5
-buffed endboss of C2M4
-fixed alastor being called grawl in C4M4 and improved his skills
-improved godric starting skills in C1M5
-improved skills of helmar and erling in A2C3M3
-improved Wulfstan skills in A1C3M5 and A2C3M4
-improved Freyda skills in A1C3M5 and A2C3M4
-improved some scenario settings being too easy on normal difficulty in C2M2, C2M3, C3M1, C3M2, C3M3, C3M5, C4M4, C5M1, C5M3, A1C1M1, A1C1M2, A1C1M3, A1C1M4, A1C2M1, A1C2M2, A1C2M3, A1C2M4, A1C2M5, A1C3M1, A1C3M3, A1C3M4, A2C0M0, A2C1M1, A2C1M3, A2C1M4, A2C1M5, A2C2M1, A2C2M2, A2C2M3, A2C3M1, A2C3M3 and A2C3M4.

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