Heroes 3 One Hero Tournament will start on April 5th

@Heroes3championship organizing the Heroes III One Hero Tournament, which will start on April 5th.

Imagine if everything was turned upside down. That is the ability of Jebus Outcast. Creature banks like Griffin Conservatory and Dragonfly Hives no longer exist, replaced with countless boxes. Instant pick Heroes – gone. Powerful spells like Implosion and Slow – gone. It’s just all gone… the game’s literally unplayable now. Also, you can only play for one Hero. 1 life. No surrender or running away from battle.

The registration is simple and free. Write #signup (here) and you will be contacted by PM.

You will need to play at least one game per week. The player who loses 2 series leaves the tournament. This is how we will play until there are 2 players left who will determine who is the winner in the final.

Championship template and rules: h3templates.com/mkc/jebus-outcast. Communication will take place via Facebook Messenger.

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