HD Mod – Quick Army Management, Costumes and Quick Menu

Quick Army Management

Works in adventure, exchange, hero, town and garrison screens.

[Shift] + Click – ‘smart’ split, ignores single creatures. Splits creature stack proportionally. You can split stack into even halves in 1 click, or split one stack into many even stacks. This option does not disable the default creature split: to do the default creature split with [Shift], you need to first select the stack, and then press shift .

[Alt] + Click – gathers all stacks of a creature into one selected stack.

[Alt] + [Shift] + Click – dismisses selected unit on confirmation (you cannot leave a hero without the army, at least 1 creature must remain).

[Ctrl] + Click – splits a single unit from the selected stack into an empty slot.

[Ctrl] + [Shift] + Click – split single units from the selected stack into all empty hero/garrison slots

[Ctrl] + [Alt] + Click – in hero exchange / town screens, transfers selected stack to the other hero (you cannot leave a hero without the army, at least 1 creature must remain). In garrison screen, the action will transfer all the stacks if you click hero portrait or your flag.

[Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + Click – transfers the whole army to the hero. If you transfer the army from other hero, one clicked creature of the stack will remain.

HoMM3 HD (High Resolution Project)


You can now create artifact combinations (costumes) equipped by hero and swap them simply by pressing a key on a keyboard.

Press [1], [2], …, [9] + [Ctrl] to save a costume. It only works in hero screen; successful save makes a sound notification (in-game ‘click’ sound).

Press [1], [2], …, [9] to equip one of the saved costumes and works both in hero and adventure screens; thus, there is no need to open the hero screen, you can simply select a hero and equip saved combinations with a ‘click’ sound.

When you equip a costume, the last artifact combination is automatically saved to [0] slot; therefore, you can cancel the last action by pressing [0].

When using [1], [2], …, [9] to equip a costume, all the currently equipped artifacts first go to the backpack and only then the costume equips. If you use [LShift] + [1], the new costume will be equipped over the current combination.

When using this feature, the artifacts do not appear/disappear: they are all equipped from the backpack and are put into the backpack when switching. If any artifact is missing from the saved combination, all the artifacts remaining will be equipped. Costumes are saved for the player (for all the heroes) and not for each separate hero; but the costumes change for a selected hero

Quick Menu

You can activate quick menu (items: market, thieves’ guild, quick combat, DD area, replay my turn, grid on map) using mouse middle button (or [F5] hotkey):

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