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Prvý projekt nového mesta Forge, ktorý sa konečne dostal na svetlo sveta po dlhom čase. Vychádza pod nadstavbou VCMI a verzia nesie označenie 0.4. Forge je ešte v rannej fáze vývoja, verzia ktorá je k dispozícii je ešte dosť zabugovaná, samozrejme sa dá stiahnuť v download sekcii, ale na vlastné riziko :). Lepšie je si zatiaľ pozrieť obrázky v galérii a počkať na stabilnú verziu.

English description

The Forge town was planned as ninth city, but finally in AB is Conflux. Why?
As You see, The Forge has to be brand new, futuristic town in the might and magic world, which is Erathia. Ancient’s technologiest existed there, has to give a possibility to produce powerful artifacts, full of gears, racks, futuristic lasers, cyborgs as from future, and other things which anyone haven’t seen yet. Tell it Yourself – introduce that Forge looks, just has to elicitate fans reaction, and especially of these, which played Homm3 as just fantasy game.

It was unbelieable that knights, dragons and goblins could fight with robot, cyborg, or even other machine. Much fans was wrath, after watch first drafts and screens! They started to send a mails to 3DO (HOMM and MM series distributor) and makers of HOMM&MM – NWC. Some of mails was just gently ask about change Forge to another town, other mails were vulgar, there even were some with imminence of death!! Authors told that these mails weren’t so much, and they would be surprised if more than 5% of players could boycott game, but they consider that 5% is too much. That’s how this famous town was remowed from the “Armageddon’s Blade” expansion, and soon was replaced, by already known, Conflux.

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