Disciples 2: Rise of the Mod v2.0 (Rise of the Elves mod)

A complete mod for Disciples 2: Rise of the Elves. Changes balance, units, leaders, experience and much more! This mod was made to make more of the upgrade options feel viable, increase options for leaders, and add an overall new experience to the game.

Disciples 2: Rise of the Mod
Disciples 2 Gold (works with this version)

Installation: Replace all of the folders in your Disciples 2: Rise of the Elves directory with the folders from the patch. Optional: You can also install the HD patch.

Disciples 2: Rise of the Mod v2.0 changelog:


  • All experience requirements have been modified (mostly reduced for neutrals, but increased for level 3+ units)
  • Chance to hit has been reduced across the board (mostly down to 75% from 80%)
  • Most units no longer receive chance to hit upon level ups
  • Difficulty settings have been adjusted; enemy AI now have more money at each difficulty level
  • High tier building costs have been reduced
  • Units with secondary damage (ex. Poison) have had their level up damage amounts normalized (ex. Imperial Assassin no longer receives 6/6 damage upon level up, but rather 4/4, or 10% of 60/20, as all other units do)
  • All spellbooks have been tweaked or altered (ex. Tangle is now a level 2 spell, and reduces movement by 50% instead of 30%)
  • All level 3+ spell research costs have been reduced
  • A lot of flavor text and weapon names were changed/added. Check ’em out 😉


  • Warrior Lords are the only lords who receive Weapon Master, and their leaders can get it at level 2
  • Guild Lords receive a new hero upgrade, Mercantile, which reduces cost of shops, mages and mercenaries by 25%, and their leaders can get it at level 2
  • Guild Lords are the only lords who can receive Incorruptible, at level 13


  • All leaders have had their dynamic upgrade amounts changed (no longer get acc per level up, only get 1 move per level up, except scout leaders, who get 2 move per level up)
  • All leader costs have been reduced from 500 to 350 gold
  • All rod planter heroes now have 2 leadership, instead of 1
  • All leaders now have additional options upon level up
  • Warrior leaders start with Banners, Mage leaders start with Tomes and all leaders can now use Artifacts (except rod planters, who still must learn it)
  • First Strike has been removed, as initiative can now be gained through the additional level up options


  • Elementalist was changed to the Exorcist, a unit with mind immunity and life based damage
  • White Wizard now deals 70 damage, up from 60
  • Titan has been replaced with the Living Armor, a unit with 30 armor, mind and poison immunity
  • Cleric renamed to Priestess
  • Priest renamed to Cleric
  • Imperial Priest renamed to Imperial Cleric
  • Witch Hunter, Inquisitor and Grand Inquisitor all had their health reduced, but their xp requirements are much lower than other melee units
  • Angel now deals life based damage
  • Holy Avenger now has 70 initiative
  • Arch-Angel now heals 20 to all
  • Imperial Clerics can now resurrect

Mountain Clans:

  • Axe Thrower, Crossbowman, Forge Guardian and Flame Caster have all had their initiative increased to 50 and their damage has been increased
  • Flame Caster now has blister
  • Rock Giant, Ice Giant, Son of Ymir, Tempest Giant and Elder One have all had their damage increased
  • Druidess and Arch-Druidess now boost to all, but boost has been lowered and they no longer permanently boost
  • Runemaster initiative increased to 50
  • Runemaster now has air-based shatter, health increased to 325
  • Dwarf King now has critical strike, health increased to 275 and initiative increased to 40
  • Wolf Master renamed Forecaster and no longer transforms, but frostbites
  • Hermit and Forecaster have had their stats adjusted
  • Yeti was replaced with the Son of Fenrir, who can frostbite and regenerates health quickly
  • Proud Dwarf now gives attack instead of dealing damage, health reduced to 100 and init to 10

Undead Hordes:

  • Dragon line now deals earth-based damage
  • Dreadwyrm now petrifies instead of poisons
  • Dracolich initiative increased to 50
  • Death renamed to Reaper, now deals 75/50 death/poison damage
  • Wight changed to drain life overflow and now deals 75 damage with 60 initiative, no longer drains level
  • Lich and Arch-Lich now poison
  • Elder Vampire no longer overflows, but initiative and damage increased
  • Templar and Dark Lord had their stats readjusted, initiative increased, but damage decreased
  • Werewolf was replaced with Necrolyte, who summons zombies
  • Ghost line now has 60 initiative, lowers damage and has a very small chance to paralyze

Legions of the Damned:

  • Anti-Paladin renamed Degenerate
  • Infernal Knight renamed Desecrator
  • Berserker, Degenerate and Desecrator have had their health lowered, but have increased regen
  • Fiend has been replaced with the Doppleganger unit
  • Witch line has been revamped. Now deals mind damage to all and lowers initiative of enemies
  • Pandamoneus now deals 70 damage, up from 60
  • Modeus now blisters and has had stats readjusted
  • Doppleganger upgrade path replaced with Dark Magus, a unit that deals death damage and has a chance to drain level
  • Devil line has had their stats readjusted, and drain life on attacks
  • Overlord no longer blisters, but strikes twice
  • Tiamath drain life overflows, no longer reduces enemy damage
  • Marble Gargoyle and Onyx Gargoyle stats slightly adjusted

Elven Alliance:

  • Elven dynamic upgrade amounts normalized with the rest of the game (meaning, they wont get wonky level up amounts anymore)
  • Lancer line has had their stats readjusted
  • Archon stats readjusted, now critically strikes
  • Theurgist stats readjusted
  • Scout line has had their stats readjusted
  • Stinger now strikes twice
  • Marauder now critically strikes
  • Spiritess line revamped; no longer heal but boost allies instead
  • Griffin and Skylord stats readjusted and now shatter
  • Dryad stats readjusted
  • Sage no longer summons, instead bestows wards and heals a single target

Neutral units:

  • Kraken now deals 70 damage to all
  • Green Dragon no longer immune to fire, damage increased to 75
  • Dragons have had their stats readjusted; they should be more dangerous now
  • Goblin Elder now blisters
  • Orc King now shatters
  • Air Elementals initiative increased to 65 and now shatter
  • Yetis damage increased to 45/25 water/frostbite, health increased to 250
  • Titan damage increased to 100, health increased to 300


  1. Ashkan


    I’ve installed this Mod, played “Greenskins Map” without problems but most of the other Maps crashing if we want to play it… my selfmade map too.

    Is there a way to fix it?

  2. Berserker

    Elves mission 2 ends and never load mission 3.

    1. MIRCEA

      yep … that’s exactly what happens to me too with this mod and was a solution was never found since this problem persist for more than 1 or 2 years now

      1. Liso1 (Post author)

        So I was lucky that I tried a map that worked during testing. I will add information about the error of the modification.


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