Crystal Dragons Fire Wall Trap – Luna strikes back – Heroes 3 Complete (and HotA)

Luna starts with the Fire Wall spell and speciality. Damage from Fire Wall is doubled. Luna starts with the ability to do 80 damage with it and enough mana to cast it five times before recharging.  Any unit that’s not immune to its effect that passes through it or ends their turn in it will take damage.

Can only be removed by advanced/expert Remove Obstacle or expert Dispel. In order to start grinding, you still need to get Expert Fire magic, so you can cast expert Fire Wall spell.

Within the land of Antagrich, Pixies and Sprites have found a home within the walls of the Conflux. These flying creatures are usually found in large numbers and possess great quickness. Sprites strike so quickly, they prevent their enemies from counterstriking.

Made entirely from red crystal and brought to life through magical means, the Crystal Dragon is literally semitransparent, lit from the center by its magical heart. Used frequently as a training tool for young dragon slayers, many wizards also create these creatures for the crystal they shed.

Credits: Xenofex

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