Conquests of Might and Magic III (Civilization 3 mod)

A total revamp of the Conquests of Might and Magic III mod has been completed. Many new and unique features have been added, and gameplay has been adjusted to minimize game issues, and work with AI limitations.

Conquests of Might and Magic 3 General Game Concepts:

A Fantasy (technically Fantasy / Sci-Fi) mod based directly off of Heroes of Might and Magic 3. You are expanding your town in the land of Antagarich and will face off against other factions and Heroes. Primarily a battle / builder mod.

Expect a lot of units and large battles. All victory conditions possible except for the Wonder victory. Build Armageddon’s Blade to set the world on fire, fight to become the primary ruler of the continent, collect your armies to ravage the lands, or build powerful magic to subdue your enemies.

Conquests of Might and Magic 3 (, 813 MB)
How to install Conquests of Might and Magic 3 (

Conquests of Might and Magic III Features:

  • Total makeover of City View and Palace View screens (when mod is placed in Conquests directory). View the world of Antagarich in the City View, and build your faction’s town in the Palace View!
  • Includes the Antal version 4 EXE patch, which includes some of the best patches available for the game.
  • Many new and improved graphics (yet unreleased), from units, spells, and graphical interfaces.
  • 10 unique civilizations, all with their own lineup of special improvements, units, and strengths and weaknesses. All creatures are able to be built as you progress through time, and you can recruit them as well through their creature dwellings.
  • 7 levels of creatures, each with a basic and upgraded version. Each with special strengths and unique abilities. The civilopedia town screen will display all their information and requisites.
  • Just like Armies, Heroes serve a special purpose. If you aim for only peace, you will miss out on some powerful structures as well, such as the Thieve’s Guild and Taverns. Heroes will strengthen your forces as well as reinforce the front battle lines. The Hero can summon spells from the homeland directly to them, so they can instantly help defend and provide reinforcement as needed.
  • Civilopedia is stock full of information, links, and full creature data, to ensure that you have all the information necessary to make vital decisions when engaging in war, and deciding on what to build.
  • Difficulty information has been added to the World Setup screen, so you will be able to know how tough each difficulty level actually is.
  • World play sizes are not maximized, but are set at the current C3C standards. This ensures that mod issues and crashes are minimized (that often happens on larger maps).
  • A large variety of Spells are available, as well as “creature power boosts” that you can obtain throughout the game, to improve your weaker creatures. Special “Legion” units are available if those rare resources can be found and utilized. They provide unique units with special strengths. Special “Artifact” units can also be produced, which are King units that will be protected by all other units. If obtained, these can be used to great advantage.
  • The recent discovery on Artillery and AI has been implemented. Certain “Legion” and “Artifact” units can construct catapult units during battle. These catapult units are unique, and the AI will actively use them.
  • Very short plagues and volcanoes are active. This provides some graphical eye candy, as well as a bit of unexpected randomness. But the effects are generally minimal, so it won’t impact gameplay in any considerable way. Pollution is about as low as it can get, but will appear occasionally with large metros.
  • Settlers are built by the player, so expansion in the beginning of the game happens fairly quickly. This route was taken to give urgency and planning to the expansion phase.
  • The single-era tech tree approach has been taken, which fits into one Era. This allowed 10 unique civilizations, all with different city graphics. Although there is less tech’s to discover, you will still need to push the limits to discover them as fast as you can, and also to try to trade with neighbors. Research time is 8 turns minimum, and so new discoveries will happen regularly, which will keep the game at a nice flow. Make research a priority! Hint: The AI often pulls ahead early, but don’t worry, there are always opportunities to ‘catch up’!
  • Should be 99% bug-free! Heavily tested to correct any errors/bugs.
  • Highly Recommended Setting: noaipatrol=0 This setting in the conquests.ini (you may need to add it), will let the AI roam around, and also somewhat fixes Barbarians. It also has the benefit of somewhat diminishing the dreaded “Stacks of Death”, and instead creates “Waves of Onslaught”. I believe the benefits far outweigh any negatives!

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