Bastion Town update #2

Dnes ráno sa na HeroesCommunity fóre objavila potešujúca informácia ktorú pridal AncientDruids, že sa blíži nový update mesta Bastion! Ukázal aj jeden obrázok z boja, kde je nový model jednotky úrovne 7 – Anubian, ktorý sa viac podobá na ten zo série Might and Magic. Podľa mňa vyzerá úžasne a svoje pripomienky mu môžete napísať kľudne na fóre, ak by ste niečo zmenili.

Bastion Town v1.0

Howdy! The time of a new update is getting nearer, along with the new Anubian model, more similar to what many of you fought in the Tomb of VARN. I got the original model (made by J.M.Sower) a year ago, but a lot of sand had to flow before I’ve got a hang of modelling, texturing and (worst of all) animating, to mould it into the desired shape. It’s still a work in progress, so if you can come up with any way to improve it, feel free to comment! I know it could use a bit of ‘OOMF’, to make it seem more like a 7th level unit. Maybe increasing its size a bit would help (even though it’s the same size as a Giant)?


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