Third Upgrades mod v2.9.2 update

What does Third Upgrades mod v2.9.2 contain? [+] 124 New Creatures, [+] 90 New Artifacts, [+] Various decorative objects that are generated in RMG, [+] 41 new Dwellings, [+] 35 new Creature Banks, [+] New adventure objects.

Third Upgrade Mod
works with ERA Gaming Build
Download Heroes 3 Complete from GOG.COM

Third Upgrade version 2.9.2 changelog:

  • Fixed Royal Treasury messange input.
  • Improved Hell Stalllion portrait.
  • Updated emerald, fixed minor bugs.
  • Level 7 creature banks was balanced.
  • Fixed all new dwellings from version 2.9, now generate the creatures as they should.


  1. Nakis

    I instaleed era gaming build and everything is fine.
    I enabled the third upgrade but when i try to build it the game crashes.
    Do i have to install the third upgrade mod also or is it included in ERA gaming build? I tried both and still crashes.

    1. Perry

      There is a conflict with the latest gaming build. Until the problem is resolved I would suggest to use the older version of the gaming build.
      Thanks for the report.

  2. Nakis

    I tried it in No HD mode and it doesn’t crash.

  3. Israel

    They should add a config for this mod, or try to balance the creature banks.
    The CBs (short for creature banks) from third upgrades have provide a pretty underwhelming reward for the strenght of the guards (except for SOME of the higher tier CBs like the Dragon Graveyard Utopia, but not the Dragon Mausolem, screw you DM), so most of them are a skip for casual plays.
    My suggestion would be to nerf the guards of the banks AND to buff the rewards, because you know, have you ever cleared a Mansion? you fight 40 vampire lords for 2 sulfur, 2 crystal, 2 mercury, 2 gems and a minor artifact, and also there’s one where you fight 120 vampire lords for 4 of each resource.
    Seems pretty unbalanced to fight a massive amount of guards for a penny, making the objects simple placeholders, because, you know, why would i fight 202 ghost dragons for 10 mithril? or 400 ghosts for 8 spectres when i can rush to dragon fly hives which are way more balanced.

    1. Perry

      Creature Banks can be customized by you. There is a config file. Watch this video. The files are located in the Resound/Data/s folder


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