Sanctuary for Heroes 7.5 Ultimate Edition download and How to install

You can add a third new faction / town to the Heroes 7.5 – Sanctuary.

Sanctuary is a faction which only appeared in Heroes 6 (and as a mod in Heroes 5). Its creatures are mostly honorable, reptile-like naga warriors and beautiful but dangerous spirits. Water Empire from hundreds of years stands aside of the most import ant events – that’s why it’s so different.

Commanding armies of Sanctuary isn’t similar to strategy of any other fraction. Nagas and water creatures basing mainly on cooperation – single warrior is a danger, but only with good support he can win wars.

Heroes 7.5 Ultimate Edition
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How to install Sanctuary (Heroes 7.5 Ultimate edition):

  • install Heroes 7 Complete
  • download the current version of the Heroes 7.5 mod (v1.20)
  • unzip it somewhere on the Desktop
  • delete the “Cooked Pc” and “Localization” folders in: “User name / My documents / My games / Heroes VII /”
  • and paste the “Cooked Pc” and “Localization” folders you have unzipped into this folder
  • done, you can start the game

sanctuary units

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