Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 RC13 released + Official Ladder!

A new release of Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 is ready for download and will bring lots of balance improvements for newly launched multiplayer ladder. Today will mark new chapter for the Heroes 5.5 Project, a new ladder website has been launched for the multiplayer community and many balance issues for competitive games have been addressed in this version. Please visit discord for more info, finding players and latest streams.

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5
Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 Ladder
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Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 Changelog


  • All heroes with creature growth specs get a boost
  • All heroes with resource specializations get Tier7 specializations, to make them more interesting. (not Isabel)
  • All heroes that boost A&D of weak tiers also get a growth bonus at half strength (so 2 creature specs in one), this affects Darkstorm,Laszlo,Razzak,Ellaine and Orson
  • Heroes with spellwringer specialization also get +1 Luck permanently.
  • The catalyst spec decreases empowered spell cost by 10% + 0.5% per level
  • Shadow dancer specialization reduces range damage by 1% per hero level
  • The windspeaker specialization increases initiative by 0.5+ by 0.025% per hero level
  • The spelltwister spec also includes a boost to spellpower and has base chance of 40%.
  • Soulhunter spec summons amount of ghosts equal to 2*hero level.
  • poison master has higher base chance of 15%.
  • sacred hammer has higher base chance of 15%.
  • master of gating also starts with +1 attack
  • Shamans and witches have much better chances for learning the 2nd spell school in their wheel (10%)
  • A lot of minor adjustments to class skill development for consistancy and balance. Engineer is now 35-50-5-10, Reaver is 35-15-30-20, see ingame skillwheel for all changes
  • Adjusted starting primary skills of all sylvan classes, overlord and engineer for consistency
  • Mindreaver spec boosts Spellpower for Alastor and Knowledge for Deirdre, since this helps them best with current development


  • Vilma is replaced by new hero Hedwig, Hedwig has logistics spec and starts with basic war machines.
  • Ufretin is replaced by new hero Haegeir, Haegeir has lava dragons spec and starts with basic war machines.
  • New dungeon hero Darkstorm gets minotaur specialization
  • Kythra switches to Hydra specialization, since it can fit her bio and lore with small adjustment
  • Welygg is replaced by Sylsai who is moved to assassin class and gets embalmer specialization to add early game potential to assassin pool.
  • Faiz has new Arcane eagle specialization.
  • Archilus has new bone dragon spec, since reaver Attack dev goes better with these creatures.
  • Vidomina starts with Lich Queen specialization.
  • Kha-Beleth has devil spec because it fits him better lorewise and Calid takes his flameweilder spec
  • Naadir gets soulhunter back and starts with necromancy to add early game potential to reaver pool.
  • Markal also gets soulhunter specialization. (summoned ghosts will not lower army morale) to add early game potential potential to heretic pool.
  • Lucretia gets a vampire growth spec instead of A&D. (since this mechanism benefits vamps much more than other troops)
  • Raven gets ghosts specialization.
  • Aislinn gets souldrinker specialization.
  • Zoltan and Raven start with destructive and ice bolt instead of dark magic.
  • Melodia and Alaron start with summoning Magic.
  • Cyrus starts with summoning magic.
  • Jhora no longer starts with summoning magic.
  • Tieru gets (renamed) Sacred Hammer spec.
  • fixed lethos not starting with master of pain.
  • Vayshan no longer starts with archery since t1 isnt really ranged.


  • now all heroes can use the Haven training building
  • Reduced Stunning Strike ATB value to 0.25.
  • Removed +10% critical chance on chain attack.
  • Flaming arrows adds fire damage equal to 2*hero level instead of flat 50.
  • Consume corpse restores an amount of mana equal to sqrt(stackHP)/2
  • Spirit link restores 1 mana per 80HP.
  • Counterspell cost reduced to 1.5x original spell.
  • Imbue ballista no longer sets hero ATB to 0.
  • Summon hive casts wasp swarm at advanced level, and has initiative of 11,12,13,14 + 0.1*SP, instead of 12+0.2*SP
  • The eternal light perk also teaches the hero the eldritch arrow spell. (fits theme and may help a bit with light creeping or when destructive is not in the guild)
  • the corrupted soil perk also teaches the hero the stone spikes spell. (fits theme and may help a bit with dark creeping or when destructive is not in the guild)
  • Master of pain gives decay spell instead of vulnerability. (to provide better creeping)
  • eternal servitute skeleton raising no longer has a level requirement
  • lord of the undead gives a free stack of vampires to non-necropolis heroes, size = weeks passed*5, this can’t be exploited by necropolis players
  • modified necromancy dark energy pool to 300 + 200 for Pillar of Bones, lowered cost divisor from 25 to 15 (math change to reduce mentoring abuse and nerf late game dark energy boom)
  • adjusted some inconsistencies in necro creatures dark energy costs (mainly unupgraded low tier creatures are more expensive, while bone dragons and upgraded liches are cheaper)
  • boosted Pillar of Bones skeleton raising for heroes without necromancy to 1.6*hero level
  • modified formula for mage guild summoning to sqrt(sum(dragonblood crystals*hero level)) * (1+guild level)
  • fixed combat log desc for spirit link
  • Improved script of Divine guardians skill


  • Bone dragons have -1D, 20-35 => 27-37 DMG (all necro dragons have better damage while late game necromancy is nerfed see above)
  • Shadow dragons have -1A, +1D, 25-35 => 30-37 DMG
  • Ghost dragons have -1A,22-40 => 27-40DMG +1 initiative, -10HP (upgrades were not different enough, now this one is really offensive)
  • Lava dragons have -2A,-4 min dmg, +1 initiative, -20HP (upgrades were not different enough, now this one is really offensive)
  • Wind dancers have -1A, +2Hp, -2 initiative (upgrades were not different enough, now this one is really defensive)
  • Increased growth of blood furies to 6.
  • zombie cost reduced to 70
  • Reduced Infernal Loom Hellhound production to 0.25 per level.
  • Improved descriptions of many creature abilities with detailed mathematical information: hexing attack, liquid flame breath, resurrection, symbiosis, prismatic breath, poison attack, venom, death wail, searing aura, explosion, scavenger,life drain, fire shield, magma shield.
  • Added the “happy” animation (played if the hero wins the battle) for Shadow mistress
  • Fixed the glow of the Blood Furies’ blades for the “stir00” animation (hovering over a creature in battle). Previously, the blades ceased to glow when the cursor was over the creature.
  • Fixed desc of giants and colossi
  • Fixed various more such glow effects, stir animations and eye effects for various necro creatures (credits: Frozenssoul)


  • All 6 minor resource artifacts give +1000 gold per week
  • Bonus from Sandals of the Prophet artifact is applied only once per day. (effect was snowballing)
  • Sandals of Prophet cost 12000 gold
  • Pillager skill boost movement by 100 per battle not 250
  • If the boots of Swift Journey are taken off the hero loses 750 movement points. (prevents constant shoe switching, take them off at end of the day)
  • If the Sandals of the Prophet are taken off the hero loses 250 movement points.
  • Fixed skull of netherworld not having green fx
  • removed some useless artifacts from pool of ARMG duel.


  • Added new feature, on ARMG maps redwood observatories do not only reveal fog of war but also replenish mana, this can be switched off in settings.pak
  • ARMG also generates a bit more mana wells.
  • boosted default setting of ARMG duel battlesites.
  • Fixed box template not allowing enough players
  • Fixed issue with ForceAIFix script setting.
  • Updated ingame credits.


THGryphn has done some work to improve the mapmixer postprocessing application. For people who don’t know this utility yet, it is used to convert vanilla h5 maps into h55 maps, make any map multiplayer compatible or to improve Armg maps further (mainly the water maps).

-added feature to mapmixer applictaion to activate all MMH55 heroes
-added feature to disable capitols
-added some text clarifications

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