Heroes III (The Shadow of Death): Trick 1 – Blind + Shoot! by Richard Chen

Small tricks vs AI.

  • Map: Wayfarer
  • Difficulty: 200%
  • Battle: Yog vs Andra (Month:1 / Week: 4 / Day: 6)
  • Battle Details: Heroes: Yog (Specialty: Archery) vs Andra (Specialty: Intelligence)
  • Primary skills: Yog (A/D/P/K: 22/17/12/14) vs Andra (A/D/P/K: 20/20/17/17)
  • Yog‘s Secondary skills (All Expert): Logistic, Path Finding, Earth Magic, Water Magic, Wisdom, Tactics, Intelligence, Archery.

Tips: 1. Try to take full use of the Dragon Flies! They are fast and they can dispel any buffs from the enemy troops! They are powerful!
2. Use Anti-magic and Force Field to protect the shooters! Don’t let them have any chance to hit you!

Wayfarer (maps4heroes.com)

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