Heroes 5 Campaign Artifacts in Custom Games (Wings of the Angel and Boots of Levitation)

Heroes 5 Campaign Artifacts in Custom Games mod adds the Wings of the Angel and Boots of Levitation artifacts to custom game mode.

Heroes 5 Campaign Artifacts in Custom Games (official download, nexus mods)
Heroes 5 Bundle GOG (works with this version)

Ever wanted to FLY over the world? tired of embarking on ships? miss the original Heroes 3 experience? You came to the right place!

With this mod  you can get the 2 Legendary Artifacts that will soften your journey:
Wings of the Angel: allows you to fly over terrain, water and obstacles.
Boots of Levitation: allows you to walk over water, without the need to build a ship!

Both Artifacts are relic class rarity.

1. Extract the h5u file to the UserMODS folder.

2. In order to allow random generation of these artifacts on the map, you may have to download the original multiplayer maps , link in the requirements. (optional, but without it the only way to get both of these artifacts is through Artifact Merchants.)

3. Open the map editor and select the map you want.

4. Go to View -> map properties.

5. Go to Artifacts and tick a V on Wings of the Angel and/ or Boots of Levitation.

Do this on any map you wish to add these Artifacts to (also works for custom maps!).

NOTE: This mod is incompatible with other artifact mods.

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