Heroes 5.5 RC16c – bugfix update for the campaign

Today Heroes 5.5 team release RC16c, an additional bugfix update for the campaign (and a few multiplayer issues). If you already have RC16 or RC16b installed, then you can install RC16c over it, but take very good care to point it to the right folder during installation procedure! If you are updating from an older version then use the mod’s uninstaller first!

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5
Heroes 5 Bundle GOG (works with this version)
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You don’t need to restart a campaign mission after updating (unless you suffer from a specific bug in the list that you feel must be resolved immediately)


-fixed dimension door visiting sequence with 3 or more towns
-fixed boots of levitation not being major artifact


-fixed C1M5 sometimes not spawning nicolai by rewriting the script using daily events
-fixed red hero not spawning in A1C2M2 on impossible difficulty
-fixed hero not getting cloak of death shadow in C3M3 if experience was above certain threshold
-fixed exp reward script in C3M2, C3M3 and C3M5
-fixed zehir artifacts not being saved after C6M3
-fixed artifacts not imported from older missions into C6M4
-fixed artifacts not imported from C6M4 into C6M5
-fixed godric, findan and raelag having too many primary skills in C6M4 and C6M5
-fixed heroes other than zehir not receiving war machines if applicable in C6M4 and C6M5
-fixed some rewards in A1C1M4 being better on higher difficulty
-fixed final battle ending before 2nd stage in C3M5
-fixed hero receiving moonblade instead of dwarven shield in A1C3M4
-fixed enemy freyda appearing in A1C1M5
-fixed rotation of tomb of the warrior in A1C1M2
-fixed campaign heroes appearing taverns in C5M1,C5M2,C5M3,C5M4,C5M5,C4M4,C4M5,C6M3,C6M4
-fixed various campaign heroes appearing in C4M2
-fixed laszlo having basic offence with 2 perks in A1C1M1
-improved final fight in C3M2
-improved elven hero attack script in C3M3
-improved red hero attack script in A1C2M2
-improved skills and army of cyrus in C3M4
-improved isabel skills in A1C3M4
-adjusted timing of dialogscene in C3M1
-changed freyda not converted into ghost in C3M5

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