Heroes 5.5 RC15 Beta 1 release with 46 new artifacts, New Skillbook and Potion system

A new beta release of Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 is ready for download and will greatly expand the amount of artifacts in the game. This update will revise the whole artifact system and adds 46 new artifacts and a new skillbook system with 22 skillbooks.

There will be many new artifact effects, new auto-quests, more ultimate artifacts, more half-set bonuses and an optional feature for consumable mana and move potions (disabled by default). All artifact text and set artifact text have been redone with uniform formatting to make them easier to read.

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5

This version is still a beta and DOES NOT include campaigns, it seems completely stable, this is only about testing design choices. If the exe file gives an Antivirus warning, this is because of extensive reverse engineering to make unique modifications and nothing to worry about.

Heroes 5.5 RC15 Beta 1 release Major changes:

  • Artifact framework is redone
  • 46 new artifacts
  • new Skillbook system
  • new Potion system
Minor changes:
  • Native hero does not grant bonus moral to army. Now morale artifacts are more useful
  • fixed rare “Counterspell” crash
  • fixed MapMixer issue where it actually did not activate scripts even if it is used
  • rebalanced ARMG “Monster strength” settings, now all choices are useful
  • rebalanced ARMG “Experience” setting, now all choices are useful
  • A lot (really, really a lot of text fixes!)
  • hero default movement points reduced from 2750 to 2500 (back to ToE)
  • terrain penalty is the same for everyone 10%, pathfinding removes it.
  • full changelog
Potions are an experimental optional feature that can be enabled in MMH55-Settings.pak

Potions are an experimental optional feature that can be enabled in MMH55-Settings.pak

New Immersive Skillbook system replaces old ‘text messages system’ when you found permanent skill boosts. The archmage codex is now the only ultimate artifact that also functions like a skillbook (most skillbooks are weak like the other one)

Legion and Resource artifacts can now be equipped for small primary skill bonuses as long as you don’t have something better, they still work from the backpack also. The necklace slot now takes resistance artifacts and the old boots give 15%, but the cuirass of the forgotten hero only gives 10%, so it is more balanced. An important balance isssue was solved by adding a mirror ring of the Ring of Unrepentant.

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