Heroes 5.5 RC10 BETA released!


A new version of Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 is ready for download but as mentioned in my previous article it is currently called beta and Creaturepedia is not yet included. Despite the fact that it is called beta it should have less bugs than any previous versions, since I did fixed many additional bugs in this version and also improved all spell descriptions. Since this is the first version that increases the level cap of heroes to 99, I cannot be 100% confident there are no issues with it, but I did not encounter any issues while playing with it myself, so we’ll see.

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5

New Creature

The Arcane Eagle is a new Academy creature in MMH7 and will now also make its way into MMH55. Quote from MMH7 Lore:

‘In his treatise “On the Nature of the Spirit World”, the great scholar Sar-Aggreth made a tentative classification of Spirits. He noticed that greater Spirits often took the form of majestic birds. It is therefore no surprise that when Wizards of House Anima tried to materialize the most powerful energies of the Plane of Magic, the resulting beings looked like majestic eagles of pure mana.’


The process of summoning elementals with shatter skills is significantly improved and much better connected to Ashan Lore. Also now every faction has its own unique summoned creature, not used by the other factions. So technically every faction has 8 creatures and it is not just elementals anymore. The eagle was added to the game to make this possible and the heroes that had Manticore & Mummy specializations are modified, because now all heroes of those factions will get those creatures.

The wolf was moved to Sylvan because it fitted there esthetically much better. Fortress now uses air elementals because it is lore wise allowed and complements them much better from gameplay perspective. Haven uses water elementals for same reason (no destructive creatures in faction). The creatures are then divided as follows: Academy (Arcane Eagle), Haven (Water Elemental), Inferno (Fire Elemental), Sylvan (Wolf), Necropolis (Mummy), Dungeon (Manticore), Fortress (Air Elemental), Stronghold (Earth Elemental).


New Duel Mode

In previous versions of MMH5.5, the Duel mode was pretty much broken, since no modifications were made to adjust it to the new class system. In this version, thanks to Skeggy, the Duel mode will be fully restored and will be more balanced than the previous version. Remember you can also play duel mode against the AI, even though it is categorized under multiplayer. Activate auto combat for the army you don’t want to play immediately after the battle starts.


Other Stuff

-Battle animations can be speed up significantly.
-Mapmixer utility was updated, now fixes non-reflective water and fixes to NCF mixing.
-Issue with white water in editor was fixed.
-Reduced brightness of snow textures to prevent eye annoyance.
-Fixed Necropolis mage guild showing wrong icons & visuals.
-Tower Damage has new formula and increases with town level. (Credits: Deflaktor)
-AI aggressiveness was optimized as much as possible within limits of possibility (only applies to offensive AI).
-Added option to disable all in-town artifact merchants in user settings.
-Game credits section was updated.


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