Heroes 5.5: Larger Battlefields and UI improvements update (RC14 Beta 5b)

Heroes 5.5 RC14 beta 5b has been released and will feature larger battlefields and many UI improvements. Please uninstall any older version first with the uninstaller. This version still doesn’t support campaigns, for that you have to stay on RC13a.

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5 RC14 beta 5b

Heroes 5.5 Beta 5b will have the following major upgrades:

  • Larger Standard Battlefields, new battlefields and obstacles
  • 8 Secondary Skills is now permanent and not optional on all exe files, no hassle in multiplayer
  • New Hero Inventory & Skills UI
  • New Artificer Info Screen
  • Artifact Backpack scroll button skips entire page = easier late game management.
  • Updated mapmixer can now set teams, to replace the buggish feature in the editor
  • Graphics Update part 2 (lava, mountains, trees, some resources and castle …)

Credits for UI and mapmixer: ThGryphn, credits for enlarging battlefield size and various hexedits ‘The way back is way ahead’

Larger Battlefields

In this new release the standard battlefield size will be increased from 12×10 to 14×12, taking the whole game to a new level. This makes the size of the battlefield almost the same as HOMM3 since 14×12 = 168 tiles, while HOMM3 uses 11×15 = 165 hexagons. The larger battlefield will improve the combat in many ways:

  • Large creatures are less easy to get stuck, being large is less of a burden
  • There is more meaningful room for sideward movement and preparatory movement in first turn
  • Tactical positioning at the start of battle is more interesting, having a full army doesn’t mean all units are jammed together.
  • The max amount of large creatures that can be placed increases to 6
  • There will be many new obstacles and more variety in obstacle placement

See full changelog.

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