GEM Red mod for Heroes V: Tribes of East

Graphics Enhanced and Models Replaced. The graphics replacement of this mod seeks a balance between elements from other games in the series and the artistic reinterpretation based on the game’s own design. To understand it, we must remember who developed this magnificent game, Nival.

GEM Red mod
Heroes 5 Bundle GOG (works with this version)

Heroes V has a semi-cartoon aesthetic, and this mod continues along that line. When editing it, I think, how would Nival have improved it? To do this, the first thing we must understand is the design concept of this company, and knowing its predecessor games, it is an absolutely cartoon style. Allods Online (2009), King’s Bounty: Legions (2011) and Prime World (2012) are three obvious references of what we would have seen if we had developed Heroes VI or a remake of Heroes V. – Xuxo (Author)

Update 0.5.2 with many new building models, some inspired by previous versions of the game (H1-4). Some buildings have been remodeled maintaining their appearance, improving mesh and textures, thinking of a logical proportion between them (doors of similar size).

Adventure map WITH GEM Red mod.

Adventure map WITH GEM Red mod.

Adventure map WITHOUT GEM Red mod.

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