Disciples: Liberation – very generous Steam demo update

The Disciples: Liberation STEAM demo update introduces the improvements and features that Disciples: Liberation received since launch, such as the highly requested difficulty options. Experience your free demo playthrough in four different difficulty levels: Story, Normal, Hard and Brutal. Furthermore, we have also added the option to dismiss unwanted units.

Disciples: Liberation new Demo features:

  • Added Difficulty options: You can choose between “Story”, “Normal”, “Hard” and “Brutal”. The difficulty before this update matches the “Normal” difficulty level.
  • The Difficulty Settings can be changed in the gameplay settings screen or when starting a new game.
  • New Combat Battleground Interactables (Summoning Portal, Unstable Mana Shard) and Modifiers (Torment of Wandering, Grasp of the Abyss, Unstable Mana Storm) have been added.
  • New combat speed up option: 300% is now available.
  • Added ‘Dismiss Button‘ – players may now dismiss unwanted units by inspecting them outside of combat.
  • Summoning Portal: whoever is the first to activate all the magic symbols around the summoning portal will summon a powerful ally unit to the battlefield, which will join the player even after battle.
  • Unstable Mana Shard: Unstable Mana Shards can be destroyed within the battle to give a powerful buff to the players units. If Mana Shards are left untouched, they will explode in a spectacular fashion, dealing damage and applying debuffs to surrounding units.
  • Drag and Drop functionality has been added to both mouse and keyboard and controllers.
  • An option to disable the automatic combat camera movement has been added to the gameplay settings screen.
  • Slow motion kill effects have been added and can be toggled in the gameplay settings screen (the “combat slow motion” effect is enabled by default).
  • + general bugfixing

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